Created by Nature, Crafted by Us

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Hardwood floors present an air of refinement and ageless quality that can last for generations. In addition, when you install hardwood floors you automatically elevate your home with an elegant look that also adds constancy and measurable value. Because trees are an abundant renewable resource, wood floors are more environmentally friendly than other flooring alternatives and can help to significantly improve indoor air quality.

“Since we installed your hardwood floors our home looks fabulous.”
— Mike & Kathleen
St. Louis, MO

The people of The Master’s Craft Flooring Company are hardwood flooring experts. We maintain quality assurance by owning our mill and skillfully manufacturing domestic lumber such as Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut and Hickory harvested mostly in southern Missouri and surrounding areas. We also import and manufacture a variety of exotic hardwoods to complement and broaden our product lines.

Our floors add character as well as structural strength and even a sense of permanence to home interiors. Our flooring is available as prefinished and unfinished, and in a plethora of species, grades, types, styles, textures, colors, stains and finishes.

Why Choose Hardwood?

Your floors should be more than just something beneath your feet or a place to set your furniture. Your floors should be the focal point of your home, reflect your style and complement your décor. Now is a perfect time to add  fashionable, durable hardwood flooring to fit—and enhance—your family’s lifestyle. With our expertise and passion for creating beautiful wood flooring, you will soon enjoy the warmth and richness you have always wanted for your home.

Warmth, Beauty, Charm, and Tough as Nails

Hardwood is the close-grained, versatile wood created from soil, water and sunlight and harvested from timber stands in North and South America, Africa and Asia and has been used for centuries as construction material.

There are a variety of popular hardwood floor species, types, styles and finishes to add a stunning look to your home, and they’re easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors present an ageless quality plus they add value to your home. When other floor coverings begin to look tired and worn, your hardwood floors will still reflect their inherent beauty and value.