Advanced Sand & Finish School in Kansas City

There are quite a few folks out there who think that all it takes to “do wood floors” is buying a sander and a nail gun and watching a few YouTube videos.

That may work for some, but true craftsmanship is born out of a commitment to excellence and not taking shortcuts. Doing things “the right way” isn’t always the easiest or fastest, but it’s what turns hard work into real workmanship.

As your hardwood flooring supplier, we are committed to give you the tools, training and materials you need to do work that you are proud of.

We are hosting an Advanced Sand & Finish school at our location in Kansas City.

This is not a class for beginners! It’s a full-on, high quality, hands-on professional development course. Most people aren’t willing to invest this much time into training and certification. It takes a real commitment to excellence and craftsmanship.

Bob Goldstein and Greg Mihaich will be leading this course. Bob works for Vermont Natural Coatings and Greg works for Norton Abrasives. Both are extremely well qualified to walk you through all phases of the sanding and finishing process.

Here are some of the highlights of the course:

  1. Advanced sanding techniques for achieving flawless finishes.
  2. Hands-on instruction using the complete line of Norton Abrasives and Vermont Natural Coatings products.
  3. Techniques for sanding different species of wood.
  4. Tips for applying a perfect water based finish and how to avoid common problems like lap marks, stop marks, and streaks.
  5. Learn different finish application techniques with roller and T-bar.
  6. Blending in repairs to finish and stain.
  7. Receive two credits towards your NWFA degree.

You’ll also be able to talk with Bob and Greg about equipment use and maintenance. These guys know their stuff, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions.

Like I said, this isn’t a small commitment. This advanced course is three days, February 14-16th, 2017 at our location in Overland Park, KS (map). We’ll start at 8:30am and go till 5pm. Here is the outline for each day:

Tuesday, Feb. 14:

  • Overview of Norton Abrasive and Vermont Natural Coatings products and how they can help you do quality work.
  • Why the mineral you use in your abrasives is important.
  • Choosing the right abrasive and proper sanding sequence.
  • Sanding and prepping panels for staining.
  • How to sand parquet and pattern floors.
  • Edging techniques.
  • Hard plating with the buffer.
  • Techniques for eliminating swirl marks with the buffer.
  • Water popping your floor.

Wednesday, Feb. 15:

  • Discussion on proper preparation and conditions for finishing.
  • Applying sealer and finish coats.
  • Techniques for rolling and T-bar application of finish.
  • How to fix common finish problems.
  • How to blend in repairs on stained floors.

Thursday, Feb 16:
This day is dedicated to machine repair, setup and maintenance. Your equipment is at the very core of your business and profitability. Learn how to properly maintain it so that you don’t get stuck on a job with a broken machine.

Lunch will be provided each day, and on Tuesday night we’ll all go out for dinner on Norton and Vermont Natural Coatings.

If you are ready to take your sanding and finishing skills to the next level and invest the time, effort and energy to become an expert and grow your business, then don’t miss out on this training.

The cost for this instruction is $275, and advanced registration is required.
We are limiting the class size to about a dozen people to make sure everyone gets good hands-on time to learn and ask questions.

  • Lunches and one dinner are provided.
  • Each company that registers will also receive $100 in free products.
  • You’ll also receive two credits towards your NWFA degree.
  • We have a $96/night corporate rate at a nearby Holiday Inn if you are traveling.

Download the course flyer/outline here.

Register today by calling or e-mailing Audrey Hix:
(802) 473-3292