Prefinished Flooring

We sand, stain and finish our flooring under factory controlled conditions and cure with ultra-violet lights. We apply a slight bevel to the sides of the boards to ensure a good fit, and complete the process with factory applied abrasion resistant finishes to ensure a wide color selection from which to choose. These floors can be installed quickly and easily; are odor free; and, once installed can be walked on immediately.

Floor Type

Solid wood flooring is exactly that, a solid piece of wood that can be installed on or above grade. Thickness can vary, but generally refers to wood ¾” thick. Solid wood strips and planks are carefully selected and manufactured with one side having a tongue and the other a groove. The tongue side interlocks with the groove creating a strong joint and makes installation much easier.

Engineered floors are the most popular and versatile because they are composed of a select top layer veneer bonded to a plywood core. The plywood, or base layer, provides exceptional dimensional stability and installation versatility. Engineered floors can be glued down directly to concrete, floated over a subfloor or nailed to a subfloor. They also expand and contract less than solid wood flooring during temperature and humidity fluctuations, and can be installed above, on or below grade.

Floating floors aren’t attached to the subfloor. They have a foam underlay on top of the subfloor to absorb sound and protect against moisture; the hardwood strips or planks are laid on top. The flooring is glued or locked together with tongue and groove joints and the entire floor “floats” above the subfloor. It is easy to install on nearly any surface.


  • Handscraped

    Intentionally distressed by hand or machine, gives a time worn, rustic look and texture.

  • Verita Hickory Natural


    Board faces without distressing or texture.

  • Wirebrushed

    Intentionally distressed by brushing out the soft grain giving the floor a subtle texture and worn look.


Plank – Boards 3¼” to 5” width, but can be wider.
Strip – Boards usually 2¼” to 3¼” wide.
Multiple lengths – Boards of various lengths packaged together for installation in random patterns.
Multiple widths – Boards of various widths placed in rows in repeating or random patterns.


Finish is the surface coating we apply to our prefinished flooring.

Surface-sealed floors are sealed with a urethane or water-based finish; are stain resistant; and, easy to care for and clean. Simply sweep or vacuum, mop and you’re done.
UV-Oil or Hardwax Oil Floors are finished with a penetrating seal or hardwax oil finish that soaks into the wood grain and hardens. The finish usually requires a special hardwax oil maintenance kit designed for each specific floor.
Sheen describes the gloss level such as matte, satin, semi-gloss, high-gloss and low gloss.
Aluminum Oxide is the safe chemical additive to finish layers in prefinished floors for increased resistance to scratching.